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Drain Kit Fits14mm Outlet Suits 20L

Drain Kit Fits14mm Outlet Suits 20L
Drain Kit Fits14mm Outlet Suits 20L

Drain hose kit to suit 14mm | Flexible kink-resistant hose for the continuous drain of a dehumidifier.

Sick and tired of emptying dehumidifier tanks?
Want to go on a well earnt break and know your dehumidifier has continuous drain setup?

no more... we have now available an easy condensation drain kit to install.
• Drain Kit to fit all dehumidifier 14mm outlets including 20L  room dehumidifiers.
• Drain Kit contains an adaptor for 14mm outlet and long 3metre of non-toxic, kink-resistant hose.
• Suits many dehumidifiers models with 14mm outlet.
• Easy to adapt and install, just fit hose and find the nearest drain outlet, remember to gravity feed to the outlet sink or floor waste.
• No more overfilled tanks or dehumidifiers turned off whilst on holiday


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