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Solutions For Mould and Condensation |  A Choice of New Commercial Range of Dehumidifiers For All Australian Climates

Choose from our Top selling Commercial Dehumidifiers in Australia! Note: PRO70L & LGR90L have pump out built-in.
  SP1000c Suntec

Choose from our Top-selling Home Dehumidifiers!

 10 Year Warranty


Cupboards & storage  Most Cost-Effective Dampp Chaser® Cupboard & Wardrobe storage Dehumidifiers that provide a remedy for preventing mould build up in closed spaces and condensation on walls and hard surfaces. Features: USA Build. Economical and Low power use, ease of operation

Select from our Online Top Branded Dehumidifier Appliances suitable for removal of moisture- Home-Commercial-Industrial Air Drying for interior use. They are a well-proven remedy for solving moist damp air from condensation damage, preventing mould and corrosion. Cupboard Drying, camera gear dryer, wardrobe drying. Ideal air dryer for control of minor mould, humidity solutions & preventing musty smells. The Quality Built Dehumidifier appliances are safe, economical & low powered, easy to use drying devices.

Suitable for drying: Residential cupboards, business copiers, commercial seeds, council archival storage, school musical instruments,  gallery display cabinets, museum displays, archival cabinets, hobbies, workshop tools, ATM machines, electrical cabinets, etc

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Save on the accessories listed below.** They may be useful to use in conjunction with your dehumidifier.  

Drain kits  Why?    Enables continuous drain to efficiently remove water without having to empty the tank. It can be used when away from home, in boats, holiday home storage areas, etc.

Surge protector   Why?   Warranties on dehumidifiers do not cover damage caused by surges of power faults from storms or blackouts. Prolongs the life of the dehumidifier. Our Crest surge protectors include an Aust. $75,000 10year connected equipment warranty. Note: Always plug dehumidifiers into a surge protector for long term use.

Temperature/Humidity meter   Why?  It helps to determine the humidity of the room and judge whether the dehumidifier is needed. Our range of dehumidifiers, 12 L/day and above have inbuilt auto control humidistats, however portable humidity meters can be used from room to room to check on levels without having to move the dehumidifier.

3M HAF Filters (High-Air-Flow)   Why?  PROTECTS your health and PROLONGS Life of your new dehumidifier. 

Benefits and features of HAF Filters; 

  • Double the efficiency
  • Get maximum water removal performance
  • A 3M HAF filter keeps the coils cleaner 
  • Maximum airflow to handle more volume
  • A 3M HAF filter includes an antimicrobial agent that prevents mould from growing on its surface 

**These accessories can be included in your dehumidifier order by choosing the appropriate product in a menu on the respective dehumidifier page 

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**Note: All prices include GST.**

Model: Dry-Pack-100g-X4
Dry packs Eco-Sorb 100g xQty4Ecosorb Silica Gel packs > Dry pack 100 gr comes in 4 packs for the economy of buying.Silica Gel 1x 100g Sachet is ideal for travel or camera bag, med storage tool box etcAdsorbing Capacity: up to 30% Used in the following applications:&n..
$15.00 Ex Tax:$13.64
Model: Dry-Pack-25g-X10
Dry packs Eco-Sorb 25g x Qty10Ecosorb Silica Gel packs > Dry pack 25gr comes in 10 packs for the economy of buying.Silica Gel 1x10qty of 25g Packs: Ideal for shoes, picture frames, small storage toolboxes etcAdsorbing Capacity: up to 30% Used in the following ap..
$15.00 Ex Tax:$13.64
Brand: DamppChaser Model: Dampp - DC18
"New" mountable 46cm DC18" Dampp Chaser® Storage Dehumidifier rod, warms the cupboard and prevents mould build up.Also available in 4 sizes 46CM-DC18, 61CM-DC24, 91CM-DC36, 122CM-DC48 with long 3m lead << Click hereVideoDampp® Chaser rods ..
$99.00 Ex Tax:$90.00
Brand: DamppChaser Model: Damp - DC24
New" mountable 61cm DC24 Dampp Chaser® Storage Dehumidifier rod. Warms the cupboard and prevents mould build up.Also available in 4 sizes 46CM-DC18, 61CM-DC24, 91CM-DC36, 122CM-DC48 with long 3m lead << Click hereVideoDampp® Chaser ro..
$109.00 Ex Tax:$99.09
Brand: DamppChaser Model: Damp - DC36
"New" mountable 91cm DC36" Dampp Chaser® Storage Dehumidifier rod.Also available in 4 sizes 46CM-DC18, 61CM-DC24, 91CM-DC36, 122CM-DC48 with long 3m lead << Click here VideoDampp® Chaser rods quick area handling calculator guide. ..
$119.00 Ex Tax:$108.18
Brand: DamppChaser Model: Damp - DC48
"New" mountable 120cm DC48 Dampp Chaser® Storage Dehumidifier rod.Also available in 4 sizes 46CM-DC18, 61CM-DC24, 91CM-DC36, 122CM-DC48 with long 3m lead! << FAQ Click here NOTE:  We can send DC48" via Fastway to major metro areas. ..
$129.00 Ex Tax:$117.27
Brand: CoolBreeze Model: Cool-CB12
Our latest edition to our Home Premium Dehumidifier range is our CoolBreeze12 home model now with a 2-year warranty!3M HAF Filters PROTECT your health and PROLONGS Life of your new dehumidifier.After a sell-out wet period our NEW STOCK HAS ARRIVED!A Smaller 12..
$495.00 $395.00 Ex Tax:$359.09
Brand: CoolBreeze Model: Cool-CB20
Our Midsize 1-2 bedroom Home Premium Dehumidifier the Coolbreeze CB20Suitable for winter/summer drying and fighting condensation and mould problems! **Limited Stocks** Call 1300 353 043 ... 2 left as of 12/10/21  Same Manufacturer as the popular DampPro 25/12 models. ..
$595.00 $495.00 Ex Tax:$450.00
Model: NE20L
 Our NE20 "EURO" Touch Design Premium DehumidifierGreat for winter and fighting condensation!Feature Packed! Suits 1-2 bedroom model or med size lounge Special "DRY" mode setting for fast Room and Laundry drying Motorised "Swing Vent " gives..
$595.00 $495.00 Ex Tax:$450.00
Brand: SeibuGiken Model: Seibu-Giken-EH4
EH4 Seibu Giken Electronic HumidistatDesigned in SwedenTwo-step humidistatFast response sensorTwo independent volt-free control relaysVisible "High RH" Alarm.Independently programmable relays with adjustable hysteresis. Suitable for Hi/Lo/Off control of one..
$605.00 Ex Tax:$550.00
Brand: SeibuGiken Model: Seibu-Giken-DC10
 SEIBU GIKEN Model DC10  14.4L/day Desiccant Dehumidifier System.  - Industrial Design with ducting ports - Works efficiently at low temperatures.Swedish built Industrial Quality Desiccant Dehumidifiers  Suitable for: Gallery/Museum storerooms, small warehou..
$3,200.00 Ex Tax:$2,909.09
Brand: SeibuGiken Model: Seibu-Giken-DC20
 SEIBU GIKEN 26.4L/day DC20 Desiccant Dehumidifier SystemSwedish built Industrial Quality Desiccant Dehumidifiers  Designed as an installation unit with ducting ports - Works efficiently at low temperatures.   Suitable for: Art Galleries, small warehouses, cool ro..
$4,995.00 Ex Tax:$4,540.91
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