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Home & Office Dehumidifiers,

Portable and proven dehumidifiers for the home are a great remedy for Prevention of Mould and Condensation in bedrooms, bathrooms, open plan living rooms, office & storerooms.

Target Mould and Condensation | Choice of New Model Home Dehumidifiers For All Australian Climates

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DAMPP® CHASER RODS Storage dehumidifiers

Brand: CoolBreeze Model: Cool-CB12
Our latest edition to our Home Premium Dehumidifier range is our CoolBreeze12 home model now with a 2-year warranty!3M HAF Filters PROTECT your health and PROLONGS Life of your new dehumidifier.After a sell-out wet period our NEW STOCK HAS ARRIVED!A Smaller 12..
$495.00 $395.00 Ex Tax:$359.09
Model: NE20L
 Our NE20 "EURO" Touch Design Premium DehumidifierGreat for winter and fighting condensation!Feature Packed! Suits 1-2 bedroom model or med size lounge Special "DRY" mode setting for fast Room and Laundry drying Motorised "Swing Vent " gives..
$595.00 $495.00 Ex Tax:$450.00
Brand: OlimpiaSplendid Model: Secco28L_EL
Newly released SeccoProf 28EL Dehumidifier -The Electronic digital control version.Italian Design, professional-quality stainless steel body, portable light commercial dehumidifier. Helps with control of moisture to prevent mould outbreaks and condensation problems.Key Features at a glance ..
$1,350.00 Ex Tax:$1,227.27
Brand: OlimpiaSplendid Model: Secco38L_EL
Newly released SeccoProf 38EL -The bigger brother to our popular 28L EL SeccoProf modelItalian Design, professional stainless steel body, portable light commercial dehumidifier.Helps with Mould RemovalKey Features at a glanceNow with electronic digital control. 30-90%RH selectable wit..
$1,550.00 Ex Tax:$1,409.09
Wall or Floor mount Dehumidifier SP- 500C up to 50L/day + WiFi |New Stocks Due 2022 ! Wall or Floor mount Dehumidifier SP- 500C up to 50L/day + WiFi |New Stocks Due 2022 !
Out of stock New Stocks Early 2022!
Brand: Suntec Model: Suntec SP500_Wall_wifi
Compact Size Suntec SP500C Slimline wall or floor mountable commercial build dehumidifier. Now with Wifi. Easy control via microprocessor-controlled digital humidistat, handles down to 1degC.    Suitable for: Smaller drying rooms, ski clock rooms, Apartments, Larger Ensuite ..
$2,995.00 Ex Tax:$2,722.73
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