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Model: OXY-360deg-Air-Purifier
The NUWAVE OxyPure Smart Air Purifier + *Free Extra combined HEPA/Carbon Filter Included*Plenty in stock as of 19/4/22 Ex Melb WarehouseOffers 360-degree cleaning air intake and features an advanced 4 removable filter-set with unique 5 Stage Filtration System that traps and kills over 99.5% ..
$1,399.00 $990.00 Ex Tax:$900.00
Model: Dry-Pack-100g-X4
Dry packs Eco-Sorb 100g xQty4Ecosorb Silica Gel packs > Dry pack 100 gr comes in 4 packs for the economy of buying.Silica Gel 1x 100g Sachet is ideal for travel or camera bag, med storage tool box etcAdsorbing Capacity: up to 30% Used in the following applications:&n..
$15.00 Ex Tax:$13.64
Model: Dry-Pack-25g-X10
Dry packs Eco-Sorb 25g x Qty10Ecosorb Silica Gel packs > Dry pack 25gr comes in 10 packs for the economy of buying.Silica Gel 1x10qty of 25g Packs: Ideal for shoes, picture frames, small storage toolboxes etcAdsorbing Capacity: up to 30% Used in the following ap..
$15.00 Ex Tax:$13.64
Brand: SoSafe Model: SprayAway_Conc_1000ml
Bacteria & Mould Killer spray 1000ml refill concentrate disinfectant. Makes up 8 more spray packs! save $$$ Spray Away (SA) concentrate is a Low Odour potent indoor mould, fungus and bathroom scum remover which will return surfaces to their original condition. Helps with mould remo..
$35.00 Ex Tax:$31.82
Brand: Thermo-Pro Model: Meter ThermoPro Backlit
The ThermoPro Backlit Jumbo Digit hygrometer | Easy read display in a compact SizeIdeal for homes, wine cellars and plant products along with equipment storage needs. Providing monitoring for humidity sensitive areas. Allows you to check the temperature and humidity ..
$45.00 $40.00 Ex Tax:$36.36
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