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Model: OXY-360deg-Air-Purifier
The NUWAVE OxyPure Smart Air Purifier + *Free Extra combined HEPA/Carbon Filter Included*Plenty in stock as of 23/12/21 Ex Melb WarehouseOffers 360-degree cleaning air intake and features an advanced 4 removable filter-set with unique 5 Stage Filtration System that traps and kills over 99.5%..
$1,399.00 $990.00 Ex Tax:$900.00
Model: Dry-Pack-100g-X4
Dry packs Eco-Sorb 100g xQty4Ecosorb Silica Gel packs > Dry pack 100 gr comes in 4 packs for the economy of buying.Silica Gel 1x 100g Sachet is ideal for travel or camera bag, med storage tool box etcAdsorbing Capacity: up to 30% Used in the following applications:&n..
$15.00 Ex Tax:$13.64
Model: Dry-Pack-25g-X10
Dry packs Eco-Sorb 25g x Qty10Ecosorb Silica Gel packs > Dry pack 25gr comes in 10 packs for the economy of buying.Silica Gel 1x10qty of 25g Packs: Ideal for shoes, picture frames, small storage toolboxes etcAdsorbing Capacity: up to 30% Used in the following ap..
$15.00 Ex Tax:$13.64
Model: Spray-Away-Kit1
New stock"Spray Away" Kit1 with 1Litre Concentrate | Makes 8 extra Premix Sprays | Bacteria & Mould Surface Cleaner Disinfectant Great for another 8 refills. saving $**Kills Bacteria & Mould  SAVE $$ on refills when buying this kit!Suitable for Bacteria & mould..
$55.00 $50.00 Ex Tax:$45.46
Brand: SoSafe Model: SprayAway_Conc_1000ml
Bacteria & Mould Killer spray 1000ml refill concentrate disinfectant. Makes up 8 more spray packs! save $$$ Spray Away (SA) concentrate is a Low Odour potent indoor mould, fungus and bathroom scum remover which will return surfaces to their original condition. Helps with mould remo..
$35.00 Ex Tax:$31.82
Brand: Thermo-Pro Model: Meter ThermoPro Wireless + sensor
The ThermoPro + sensor Wireless hygrometer-Small Compact Size Allows you to check the temperature and humidity in up to 3 different remote locations (with extra sensors) This unit has a sleek design with a jumbo display unit to show temperature and humidity readings precisely. The ..
$65.00 $55.00 Ex Tax:$50.00
Brand: Thermo-Pro Model: Meter ThermoPro Backlit
The ThermoPro Backlit  Large Digit hygrometer-Jumbo display in Compact SizeIdeal for homes, wine cellars and plant products along with equipment storage needs. Providing monitoring for humidity sensitive areas. Allows you to check the temperature and humidity in cellars a..
$45.00 $40.00 Ex Tax:$36.36
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