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Meters & Batteries

Humidity/Temp meter

Why? Helps to determine the humidity of the room and judge whether the dehumidifier is needed (above 60%RH). Our range of dehumidifiers ie 12 litres and above have inbuilt meters, however the portable meters can assist for room to room to check on levels without having to move the dehumidifier.

Model: Meter - BLACK Mini Humidity Meter
Just arrived New BLACK MINI METERS Humidity %RH / Temp display °F - ideal for music cases, cars, camera bags, and small cabinetsHelps you to keep eye on excessive humidity, monitoring moisture levels to help prevent corrosion, growth of mould, bacteria, viruses, fun..
$15.00 $10.00 Ex Tax:$9.09
Model: Meter_Govee_Bluetooth Single & Twin pack
With built-in Swiss-made SHT30 sensor, it provides accurate monitoring that you can trust. The temperature is accurate to ±0.5℉ and the humidity is ±3%RH. | Highly accurate monitoring offers you a chance to stay the self-organized terrarium system in a proper environment.| Iphone & Android Compa..
$39.95 Ex Tax:$36.32
Brand: Acurite Model: Meter_Acurite_Pro
Acurite Humidity Monitor + Calibration in one for Home, Business or Storage use. Our most acurite model yet! Very versatile. Measures Humidity & Temp. Can be calibrated. Also shows handy visual High/Low  with colour guide.  Measures ind..
$65.00 $55.00 Ex Tax:$50.00
Brand: Acurite Model: Meter3_Acurite Round
Acurite Humidity/Temp Meter with Humidity Alert + Calibration in one for Home, Business or Storage use. Our best model yet! Very versatile. Sells for over $100 on other AU sites , we have kept our price down for this popular "All Rounder"meter.Measures Humidity & Temp, customisable ..
$85.00 $55.00 Ex Tax:$50.00
Brand: Thermo-Pro Model: Meter ThermoPro Wireless + sensor
The ThermoPro + sensor Wireless hygrometer-Small Compact Size Allows you to check the temperature and humidity in up to 3 different remote locations (with extra sensors) This unit has a sleek design with a jumbo display unit to show temperature and humidity readings precisely. The ..
$65.00 $55.00 Ex Tax:$50.00
Brand: Thermo-Pro Model: Meter ThermoPro Backlit
The ThermoPro Backlit  Large Digit hygrometer-Jumbo display in Compact SizeIdeal for homes, wine cellars and plant products along with equipment storage needs. Providing monitoring for humidity sensitive areas. Allows you to check the temperature and humidity in cellars a..
$45.00 $40.00 Ex Tax:$36.36
Model: Meter - Sensor Only F007TH
 Ambient  F007TH remote sensor features eight channel dip switches for mult-channel and degF/degC display.  Suits Ambient Weather WS-07(advertised on our site)  and other ambient models  Features Outdo..
$25.00 Ex Tax:$22.73
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