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Humidity/Temp meter

Why? Helps to determine the humidity of the room and judge whether the dehumidifier is needed (above 60%RH). Our range of dehumidifiers ie 12 litres and above have inbuilt meters, however the portable meters can assist for room to room to check on levels without having to move the dehumidifier.

Tip: How to Calibrate a Humidity Meter the simple way.
Brand: Govee Model: Govee_Wifi_Meter
Govee wifi Version Thermometer Hygrometer, with LCD Screen + Data Logging wifi connected, the wireless temperature humidity alerts changes to the mobile App via your internet when the temperature humidity exceeds the setting s you have set on the unit.. Has low-battery alarm. te..
$120.00 Ex Tax:$109.09
Model: Meter - Mini Round Meter
Black Mini Meter-Round measures Humidity & Temp °C &°F  - ideal for music cases, cars, camera bags, and small cabinetsHelps you to keep eye on excessive humidity, monitoring moisture levels to help prevent the growth of mould, bacteria, viruses, fungi, that will ..
$12.00 Ex Tax:$10.91
Brand: Thermo-Pro Model: Meter ThermoPro Backlit
The ThermoPro Backlit Jumbo Digit hygrometer | Easy read display in a compact SizeIdeal for homes, wine cellars and plant products along with equipment storage needs. Providing monitoring for humidity sensitive areas. Allows you to check the temperature and humidity ..
$45.00 $40.00 Ex Tax:$36.36
Brand: Thermo-Pro Model: Meter - Sensor TX-2
 ThermoPro TX-2  with "O" ring weather seal Transmitter suits TP60S/TP62/TP65 hygrometersUsing a 433MHZ signal, the additional remote sensor transmits temperature and humidity readings for ThermoPro indoor outdoor thermometer up to 30m range;  Only..
$18.00 Ex Tax:$16.36
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