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Accessories for dehumidifiers, and climate measurement, spare parts, including filter replacements, drain kits, temp/humidity meters etc.

Brand: Crest Model: Timer_Plug In
Simple Plug in 240V 24hr Timer Great for reducing the load on your new dehumidifier, and to enable it to switch on/off at pre-determined hours Allows smaller continuous operation dehumidifiers time to cool down and save some powerSAVE $5  when buying home & office dehumidifiers. &g..
$15.00 Ex Tax:$13.64
Model: Dry-Pack-100g-X4
Dry packs Eco-Sorb 100g xQty4Ecosorb Silica Gel packs > Dry pack 100 gr comes in 4 packs for the economy of buying.Silica Gel 1x 100g Sachet is ideal for travel or camera bag, med storage tool box etcAdsorbing Capacity: up to 30% Used in the following applications:&n..
$15.00 Ex Tax:$13.64
Model: Dry-Pack-25g-X10
Dry packs Eco-Sorb 25g x Qty10Ecosorb Silica Gel packs > Dry pack 25gr comes in 10 packs for the economy of buying.Silica Gel 1x10qty of 25g Packs: Ideal for shoes, picture frames, small storage toolboxes etcAdsorbing Capacity: up to 30% Used in the following ap..
$15.00 Ex Tax:$13.64
Model: Filter-Pre-G3
G3 Prefilter | Low Cost 3 pack with attaching clipsSuits Storm Pro70L , CB55/85/50/90 models along with Secco 28/38/30/40 ModelsBenefits- helps prevent dust and powder buildup before entering the main filter & coils. replaceProlongs the life of the dehumidifier coils and internal fil..
$35.00 Ex Tax:$31.82
Model: Meter_Govee_Bluetooth Single & Twin pack
With built-in Swiss-made SHT30 sensor, it provides accurate monitoring that you can trust. The temperature is accurate to ±0.5℉ and the humidity is ±3%RH. | Highly accurate monitoring offers you a chance to stay the self-organized terrarium system in a proper environment.| Iphone & Android Compa..
$39.95 Ex Tax:$36.32
Model: Meter - Sensor Only F007TH
 Ambient  F007TH remote sensor features eight channel dip switches for mult-channel and degF/degC display.  Suits Ambient Weather WS-07(advertised on our site)  and other ambient models  Features Outdo..
$25.00 Ex Tax:$22.73
Brand: Crest Model: Crest-Surge-New-$75K
Plug In 240V Surge Protector by Crest - "Ultimate Power Manager" 10yr $75,000 warranty on your new dehumidifier or air purifier* the fastest protection available.Normal dehumidifier manufacturers warranty doesn't cover for power surges, brown outs or spikes, a quality surge protector will gi..
$35.00 Ex Tax:$31.82
eBook-7 Solutions
Model: eBook-7Solutions
 FREE eBOOK OFFER ...A Gift to our valued customers.To receive this FREE OFFER, the download  for the eBook will be provided when you order min $100 products from our site.  Instructions will then be emailed to guide you to  "My Account" > "My Orders" > "Downloads" once..
$0.00 Ex Tax:$0.00
Model: Mr-Mould-10ml-Drops
10 ml bottle of Essential Shield Premium Oil Drops Our best smelling mould killer yet! Customers rave about this well-formulated product.! Kills Air Born Mould & Odours!A special blend of the therapeutic grade Essential oils of; Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Rosemary & Clove.&nb..
$16.95 Ex Tax:$15.41
Model: Mr-Mould-750ml-Spray
750 ml Bottle of Mr Mould Essential Oil Cleaner and TreatmentOur best smelling mould killer yet! Customers rave about this well formulated product.!Kills & Removes Mould Naturally!  Retards the return of mould! Water based & Powered by 5 Essential Oils & Coconut – No Toxic ..
$19.00 Ex Tax:$17.27
Model: Mr-Mould-2L-Refill
2 litre Bottle of Mr Mould Essential Oil Cleaner RefillOur best smelling mould killer spray yet! Customers rave about this well formulated product.! Now in 2L size. Ideal for the heavy user, around the home as well as outdoor plastic vinyl furniture. Kills & Removes Mould Natur..
$45.00 Ex Tax:$40.91
Model: Filter-AiroMaid-600/LY868-CARBON
Carbon Filter suitable for: LY 868 & AiroMaid 600 Air PurifierPROTECTS your health and PROLONGS Life of your new Air PurifierLow Stocks 1 only left as of 14SEPT 2021! if stocks have run out please call 1300137115Dimensions: 425 mm x 525mm Also Suits newer AiroMa..
$116.00 Ex Tax:$105.45
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