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Air Purifiers

Effective Virus Control-Air Purifiers - What to look for:

We are now in a very vulnerable period with CoronaVirus (COVID-19) outbreaks WorldWide. To help with the situation we have some tips to help you make the decision for finding the correct Air filter to help protect yourself and your family inside your home or office. HEPA only air purifiers arent effective on microscopic viruses. New methods of filtration and treatment are now coming to the forefront to protect us.

 Does my home air conditioning filter handle Viruses inside my home?
Normal Home air conditioners come with a basic mesh filter & do not clean fine Virus particles floating in the air. 
Are all air purifiers effective and what to look for when purchasing suitable models?
Most common Air purifiers with high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) filters are not suitable for Virus filtration on their own, especially with their low particle size filtration. However, newer technology air purifiers fitted with better 20 yr replacements filters including Bio-Guard Using 8000V electrostatic filter to kill 99.68% of airborne, mould viruses as small as .09Microns and UV-Ionic filterless systems are capable of handling much smaller viruses and bacteria less than 0.3 to 001-micron size (much lower than HEPA H13). The Negative and positive ions of the Ionic G3 models are able to attach to and blast airborne Viruses, Bacteria & Particles, whilst also attaching to most surfaces, neutralizing the Virus and Bacteria, effectively killing them in their tracks.
Correct sizing of your Air Purifier.
Be aware of the room size to be cleaned before you look to purchase an air purifier. For an indoor air purifier to be effective, the air purifier must be matched to the size of the room and the room must be well sealed. Typical handling capacity home Air purifier units are from 10-40sqM  for small to Med Bedroom /Office or 30-90sqM suits larger rooms typically large office or lounge or 2 bedroom apartment. Ideally put in more several units for larger areas.  ie  Its best not to use a small 10-30sqM unit in a larger 100sqM room. Multiple units are better to cover larger areas. 

Model: OXY-360deg-Air-Purifier
The NUWAVE OxyPure Smart Air Purifier + *Free Extra combined HEPA/Carbon Filter Included*Plenty in stock as of 19/4/22 Ex Melb WarehouseOffers 360-degree cleaning air intake and features an advanced 4 removable filter-set with unique 5 Stage Filtration System that traps and kills over 99.5% ..
$1,399.00 $990.00 Ex Tax:$900.00
Brand: CoolBreeze Model: Cool_CB2310_Air_ Scrubber
Coolbreeze CB2310 Commercial HEPA Large Negative Air Scrubber Easy control panel operation, robust construction can be ducted for negative air pressure.NEW Stocks available now!Ideal for: Construction, flood, fire and health care hazardous particle removal.**DELIVERY TAIL LIFT&..
$2,345.00 Ex Tax:$2,131.82
Model: Filter- HW-Compact CARBON
Compact DFS Air purifier | Carbon Filter fits Healthways model 10600-9Includes part 2   a 40mm thick carbon Filter  Additional Part 1  DFS-HEPA filter  also available. see belowReplacement filter for Smaller Healthways DFS Air Purifier ..
$60.50 Ex Tax:$55.00
Model: Filter- HW-Compact HEPA
HEPA +DFS fits Healthways Compact Air purifier model 10600-9Includes part 1 HEPA-DFS Filter  <<Suits 10600-9 model Healthways Air Purifier Additional Part 2  Activated Carbon also available...
$132.00 Ex Tax:$120.00
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