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Filter NuWave OXYPure Air Purifier Carbon HEPA

Filter NuWave OXYPure Air Purifier Carbon HEPA
Filter NuWave OXYPure Air Purifier Carbon HEPA

HEPA Filter suitable for: NuWave OXYPure Air Purifier 

PROTECTS your health and PROLONGS Life of your new Air Purifier

High-efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA), also sometimes called high-efficiency particulate arresting or high-efficiency particulate air, is a type of air filter. Filters meeting the HEPA standard have many applications, including use in medical facilities, automobiles, aircraft and homes. The filter must satisfy certain standards of efficiency. To qualify as HEPA, an air filter must remove (from the air that passes through) 99.5% of particles that have a size of 0.3 µm.

Dimensions: 225W mm x 332Lmm x 40mmThick
 Combined HEPA + Carbon Filters –

The OxyPure’s combination HEPA/Activated Carbon Filter not only traps particles and allergens such as pollen, dust mites, moulds and spores; it also traps industrial, household, and vehicle fumes and emissions; VOCs such as formaldehyde, benzene and other cleaning chemicals; and household and cooking odours. The result is truly pristine air that makes your indoor environment more pleasant in general. Replace every 12 months

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