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Filter to Fit DampPro 12L & CB 12L

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Replacement filter for DampPro 12 Litre Dehumidifier  -5mm thick

PROTECTS your health and PROLONGS Life of your new dehumidifier.

Upgraded 3M™ Green Antimicrobial High Air Flow (HAF) 5mm Filter also suitable for  Coolbreeze 20 L dehumidifiers.

Note: **replaces the basic carbon filter, for better results in trapping dust and mould spores**

3M™ HAF air filter with an antimicrobial agent coating to help inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the filter media
 **The Revolutionary New 3M™ High Air Flow (HAF) Filtration Media reduces your risk of pressure drop issues. HAF uses microstructure technology to create an array of air flow channels. These channels are electrostatically charged to attract and trap oppositely charged, unwanted particles along the air channel walls, while leaving the channel open for air flow. The electrostatic charge greatly increases HAF's ability to capture and retain smaller and intermediate sized particles, without significantly restricting air flow. Once the particles have made contact with the filter media, they are held by intermolecular attractive forces better known as van der Waals forces. 
Note: It is advisable to inspect filter weekly or more often in dusty conditions, vacuum monthly when very dirty and replace after 3 vacuum cleans  or 3 months use. If not done, there is potential for the cooling coils to become clogged and over heat. Always replace filters for a long service life of the dehumidifier.
Benefits and features  
     Double the efficiency
     By using an electrostatic charge, 3M HAF filters are able to operate with twice the efficiency of washable foam. They attract, capture, and retain more particles than traditional filter media!
     Get maximum water removal performance
     A 3M HAF filter keeps the coils cleaner so that your dehumidifier is more effective at condensing water from the air. Plus, the filter’s open channel structure has minimal airflow resistance so that your dehumidifier processes the maximum CFM. With an HAF filter, you get maximum water removal (on your very clean coils) and     
     maximum airflow to handle more volume.
    Replacement Period
     You can vacuum out the HAF filter 3 times over 3 months , keeping your dehumidifier going...and going...before disposing it and replace with a new filter
     By using 3M Filtrete® HAF filters, your dehumidifiers will run cleaner. They will need to be serviced less often. The chances of it having a longer service life go up. It’s a good investment in your equipment!
       Please note the 3M filter is not washable...
     NEW GREEN 3M HAF Resists mold growth...
     A 3M HAF filter includes an antimicrobial agent that prevents mold from growing on its surface. In the warm and humid conditions of water damage, this can keep your filter from becoming a mold colony—which is quite possible with foam or paper filters.

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