EH4 Seibu Giken DST Humidistat


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Designed in Sweden
EH4 Seibu Giken Electronic Humidistat
  • Two step humidistat
  • Fast response sensor
  • Two independent volt-free control relays
  • Visible "High RH" alarM.


Independently programmable relays with adjustable hysteresis.
Suitable for Hi/Lo/Off control of one dehumidifier, On/Off control of two separate dehumidifers or On/Off control of one dehumidifier plus remote high RH alarm.
Two independent volt-free control relays.

High visibility RH display (15 mm).
Neon lamps indicate relay operation.
Display flashes if High RHђ set point is exceeded.
Optional remote display extension kit (200 metres max).

Honeywell fast response capacitive type moisture sensor.
Factory calibrated (accuracy < 2%RH).
Available for wall or duct mounting.
Optional 25 metre RJ9 extension cables (50 metres max).









Specifications EH4 Electronic Humidistat
Make Seibu Giken DST (Sweden)
Model EH4
Measuring range 0-99%RH (non condensing)
Accuracy <2%RH in the full measuring range
Response time At low air speed, 30 seconds
Mounting Wall Assembly
Sensor type Room sensor, 3 m sensor
Dimensions height: 100 mm, depth 60 mm, width 100 mm
Display 1 row LCD
Programming Four push-buttons for programming.
Casing IP44, Sensor box IP20, option IP65. Surrounding tem perature: 0-55C
Weight 0.6 kg
Mounting  4 screw holes 4 mm
Option Seperate display box with 25 metre or 50 metre low volt cable
 Connections and programming    
2 separate relays Potential free, max 230VAC 16A each  (needs to be harwired)
Visual alarm Display blinks when set value is reached
Cable size Maximum 1 x 1.5mm2 per terminal
Supply 230VAC, 50-60Hz (cable not included)




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