50.4 L Seibu Giken DST DC31-T16 Desiccant Dehumidifier


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Swedish built Industrial Quality Desiccant Dehumidifiers  
SEIBU GIKEN  50.4L/day DC31-T16 15Amp Desiccant dehumidifier.  Designed as an installation unit with ducting ports - Works efficiently at low temperatures.
Suitable for: Art Galleries, small warehouses, cool rooms etc.
NOTE 1: When ordering this product is delivered by road transport. We require a street address  (not a PO BOX) to allow somebody to sign for the package, When you check out you can change the delivery address, you can also add delivery instructions in the 'comments' box when you check out to ensure we get the order to you as fast as possible.
NOTE 2: EH-4 Digital humidity controller available as an add-on and will need to be harwired in. 

SEIBU GIKEN DST - DC-31 T16  Commercial Desiccant Dehumidifier
The DC31-T16 dehumidifies according to the Consorb principle which is good if there is a large difference in moisture content between process and regeneration air inlets. It has a self-regulating heater, a protected control panel and a washable rotor.
High efficiency at low temperatures
Ducting ports
Self- regulating heater
Washable rotor
No desiccant carry-over
Stainless steel chassis
Easy to maintain
Long lifetime
* Humidistat not included, EH4 or HR1 are sold separately



How it works

Specification Sheet

Specifications 50.4L Seibu Giken DST Desiccant dehumidifier
Model DC-31 T16
Processed air handling M3/hr  
Water Removal Max (20C/60%RH) 50.4 Litres/Day
Adjustable Humidity Range Continuous or can have humidistat attached
 Operating Temperature Range -20 to 40Celsius
Rated Dry Air Flow 490m/hr
Rated Wet Air Flow 120m/hr
Make Seibu Giken DST (Sweden)
Warranty (Manufacturing) 1yr RTB
Power Supply 230v 50Hz Power
Maximum Power Consumption 3Kw
Heater Current 13A   ( Larger 15A plug)
Auto Restart  Yes
 Size and Weight    
Dimensions L x W x H cm 52x 45 x 46
Weight 32 kg




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