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eBook-7 Solutions

eBook-7 Solutions
eBook-7 Solutions

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Want Solutions?  
Tired of un-solvable mould problems?
Read this ebook and discover the joy of a clean, mould free home!  
Now available as a downloadble eBook version 7 Solutions To A Mould Free Home is and easy read, which will take you on a step by step journey to preventing mould infestations in your home, office and storage area.Helps with Mould removal.
Advice on:

• Cleaning - (naturally)
• Weather and climate change
• Creating a healthy home
• Turning your home into a health retreat!
• Natural Pest control hints
• Dealing with floods - what to do after the disaster!
• Over 80 pages of great information! A5 handbook size

“This book is a must-read for anyone who needs to prevent and avoid mould and mustiness in their homes. You will find suggestions in this book to relieve the effects of mould related disorders such as Candida, Asthma, Allergies and general respiratory problems”.
                       Anne T Clark Author, Lifestyle Health Consultant, Dip LHC


Contents Include:
• What is mould?
• Allergies & Mould
• Preventing Mould in the Home
• Solution one "sort the clutter"
• Solution two "chuck out stuff"
• Solution three "clean"
• The Secret Solution
• Solution four "dry the area"
• Solution five "close the windows"
• Solution six "purify the air"
• Solution seven"Maintain your environment"
• UltraZorb and its uses
• Essential hints
• Prevention
• Aromatherapy
• How To Keep The Mould Away
• How To turn your home into a Health Retreat
• Treating Mould in Cars, Boats, RV's, Vans and Flying machines
• The Toxic Home
• Natural Cleaning methods
• References
• Helpful services and products
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Enjoy the read!

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