ALR-EL125L**LOW STOCK** Ductable-125L/day LGR Dehumidifier-Coated Coils


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The ALR-EL125L/day is a heavy duty, high build quality, portable  LGR commercial dehumidifier.

** NOTE: Red model avialable now, new Yellow colour coming soon.
IN STOCK 2 units 27/6/20
Providing rapid drying and humidity control for building drying, process drying, aircraft Ducted drying, flood restoration, museums, archival rooms and general dehumidification. Helps with mould removal and condensation build up.
 ALR-ST-EL125 rear view-top panel  ALOR-Elite 125L<<RED Only availableALR-ST-EL125 rear view   ALR-ST-EL125 ducting attached       available as an optional extra


The ALR-EL125L /day @ 30degC 80%RH is a fully portable LGR dehumidifier providing:

             • Rapid drying and humidity control for flood restoration
             • Drying buildings
             Efficient LGR Low Temp Operation down to 1degC more efficient at low temps.
             • Process drying and general dehumidification
             • Handles up to a massive 800m3 area
              Great for large warehouses or flood damaged areas
             • Ideal for condensation prevention.

Standard features include:

  • Latest-Epoxy Coated coils
  • Hours run meter for run time monitoring
  • Quick connector for pump & drain hose & power cord.
  • Unique Hinged housing for easy dissassembly to clean
              • heavy duty site wheels and handle,
              • Large thick wheels at rear,
              • built-in condensate pump & 7m hose
              • simple digital control with timer and error messaging,
              • adjustable humidistat (1%RH increment),
              • an efficient rotary compressor,
              • automatic hot gas defrost and R410A refrigerant gas.
Specification Sheet (to come)

Specifications ALR-EL125L Commercial dehumidifier
Model ALR-EL125L
Area handling M3 100-800m3
Water Removal Max (30degC 80%RH) 125Litres/Day
AHAM rating           (27degC 60%RH) 59 Litres/Day
Adjustable Humidity Range 35-90% RH
Operating Temperature Range 1 - 40 Celsius LGR Design handles low temps better
Noise Rating dB <63dBa
Defrost Type Hot - Gas Bypass  HGV defrosting
Water pump Condensate pump
Rated Air Flow 1100m/hr
Duct outlet optional ducting
Refrigerant (CFC Free) R410A
wheels Two large rear
Make Aloair
Warranty (Manufacturing) 5yrs Compressor, Electronics 2yrs , Body 10 years
Power Supply 220V  50Hz Single Phase Power
Power Consumption 1480W (6.17A)
Running Costs/10hrs Avg. (Qld rates) $4.00
Control Panel Simple Operation Touch-Pad
Auto Restart Yes
 Size and Weight    
Size L x W x H mm 610x600x910
Weight 50kg
Drain Hose Length Included 7 m hose



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