46L Suntec LGR-SD401 "Low Grain Refrigerant" Commercial dehumidifier

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Suntec LGR SD401

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46L/day Suntec LGR SD401 high performance "Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR)*"dehumidifier
Auto Humidity Easy digital touch panel operation, pump out and timer control. Robust construction.Helps with mould removal and the prevention of condensation

* LGR dehumidifiers can remove more water in the cooler temperature than the conventional units.

Ideal for: small scale flood restoration, water damaged carpet drying, storerooms, 20-40ft containers, museums, art galleries, archival areas etc. 
New to Australia .. LGR  SD401 with Humidistat Control Mobile Dehumidifier,  Great Value commercial quality dehumidifier. Simple operation and very portable.
Ideal for  Flood restoration, water damaged carpet drying, storerooms, 20-40ft containers, museums, art galleries, archival areas etc.
Automatic Hot Gas Defrost system is microprocessor controlled, allowing effective operation down to 1degC.
Removes up to  46L per Day
Ideal for Area 50-500m³  or up to 10mx15m room (up to 3mH)

** This model has auto on/off humidistat control with loss of Power protection & auto restart if power goes off**

NOTE: When ordering, this product is delivered by road transport. We require a street address  (not a PO BOX) to allow somebody to sign for the package when you check out you can change the delivery address.You can also add delivery instructions in the 'comments' box when you check out to ensure we get the order to you as fast as possible.
If you have your own service for collection please advise.
Includes latest Anti Microbial HAF filter. (helps prevent spreading mould spores and bacteria.)
High Performance "Low grain Refrigerant" Dehumidifier
                 • The well-designed Compressor/coil capacity boost the unit's water removal rate.
                 • Digital Humidity control 25-95%RH
                    Intelligent Automatic Control
                 • Automatic Hot Gas Defrost system is microprocessor controlled, allowing effective operation down to 1degC.  (amount of moisture collected will be reduced accordingly)
                 • An automatic pump out saves dumping buckets.
                 • Loss of Power protection & auto restart if the power goes off.
LGR Dehumidifier What is it?  << click for more info

We Suggest an additional Humidity meter for measuring humidity levels and temperature,  Measures min/max and temp/humidity. + sensor for a second room

User Friendly
                 • Well designed graphical user interface implemented into the touch pad control panel for easy operation.
                 • Sliding air intake cover makes life easy for daily air filter maintenance.
                 • Cable and Water Pipe Rewinding System keep cable and water pipe neat and tidy when storage.
                 • Facility for a duct hose connected on rear outlet
Environmental Friendly
                • CFC free Refrigerant
Easy to manoeuvre
               • Super manoeuvrability
                 • Large Wheels for maximum mobility, even on stairs.
                 • Ergonomically designed handle at the top for easy move around
                 • Handgrip at the bottom for easy loading and removal from a van.
                 • Robust Construction
                 • Rotomolded housing for long lasting and low maintenance.
                 • Large non marking wheels
                 • Built in Air Outlet Ring for easy connecting of ducting
Low Maintenance
                 • Careful compressor "soft" starting extends its life.
                 • HAF Filter decreases the maintenance and improves indoor air quality.
Tech Data Sheet SD401

Specifications  46L Suntec LGR SD401 Commercial dehumidifier
Model Suntec LGR-SD401
Area handling M3 50-500m3
Water Removal Max (32C/90%RH) 46 Litres/Day
AHAM rating           (27C/60%RH) 20 Litres/Day
                            (10C/70%RH) 10 Litres/Day
Adjustable Humidity Range 25-80%RH +/- 5%
Operating Temperature Range 1 - 38 Celsius
Noise Rating dB 60 dB @ 1 metre
Defrost Type Hot - Gas Bypass
Water pump Centrifugal
Rated Air Flow 500m/hr
Air Filter Quality HAF (High Airflow Filter)
Refrigerant (CFC Free) R410A
Compressor Type Rotary
Housing with Rear 150mm Outlet Polyethylene  with rear Duct outlet 150mm
Wheels Semi Pneumatic
Make Belta-Suntec
Warranty (Manufacturing)  2 yrs parts/Compressor and 1 yr labour 3yr Body
Power Supply 240V Single Phase Power
Power Consumption 680W (3.5A)
Running Costs/10hrs Avg. (Qld rates) $2.00
Control Panel Simple Operation Touch-Pad
Auto Restart Yes
 Size and Weight    
Size L x W x H cm 55 x 45 x 92
Weight 35kg
Power Cable Length Included - 8m cable with plug
Drain Hose Length Included 10 m hose


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