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NE20 Dehumidifier 20L/day Premium Model Condensation Fighter with Swing Vent NEW!!!

NE20 Dehumidifier 20L/day Premium Model Condensation Fighter with Swing Vent NEW!!!
NE20 Dehumidifier 20L/day Premium Model Condensation Fighter with Swing Vent NEW!!!


Our NE20 "EURO" Touch Design Premium Dehumidifier

Great for winter and fighting condensation!

Feature Packed!
  • Suits 1-2 bedroom model or med size lounge
  • Special "DRY" mode setting for fast Room and Laundry drying
  • Motorised "Swing Vent " gives 90deg air flow
  • *Negative Ioniser feature built in to help clear Dust, Pollen, Bacteria, Smoke and Allergens from the air.
  • Black TOUCH top panel lights up BLUE Operating ORANGE when FULL
  • Built in switchable night light and child lock
  • Compact size fits most rooms
  • Normally sold for $595!  We found a deal to save you $100 now $495!
  • AUTO Restart to original settings when power returns after a blackout

Sturdy construction, whisper quiet with a motorised top vent. Simple easy to read push-button electronic control.

 NE20 Features:

  • Large 20L/day drying2 30degC 80%RH suits homes 1-2 rooms
  • Child lock feature
  • NEW Ioniser feature for clean air
  • Built-in presettable "OFF timer"
  • 2-speed fan  with Quiet Mode 
  • Portable with 4 wheels & easy handgrip to lift 
  • 4L tank + continuous drain feature 
  • Air in from the rear, blows out dry from top "Swing Vent". 
  • Handy cable caddie tidies cables
  • simple filter removal and clean
  • FAST "Dry Mode" setting for quick dry of rooms and Laundry
  • AUTO Restart to original settings when power returns after a blackout

​*What is an Ioniser feature? A negative ioniser feature compliments your air purifier to clean the air more efficiently. Simply put...Negative ions attach to floating Positive ions such as dust, bacteria , pollen, smoke and allergens the particles no longer "float" and drop to the floor and are collected in the air filter or by vacuuming the floor.

Save on the accessories listed below.** They may be useful to use in conjunction with your dehumidifier.  

Drain kit  Why?    

Enables continuous drain to efficiently remove water without having to empty the tank. Can be used when away from home, in boats, holiday homes storage areas etc.

Surge protector   Why?   

Warranties on dehumidifiers do not cover against damage caused by surges of power faults from storms or blackouts. Prolongs the life of the dehumidifier. Our Crest surge protectors include an Aust. Now $75,000 10year connected equipment warranty. Note: Always plug dehumidifiers into a surge protector

Temperature/Humidity meter   Why?  

Helps to determine the humidity of the room and judge whether the dehumidifier is needed. Our range of dehumidifiers, 16 litres and above have inbuilt meters however the portable meters can be used from room to room to check on levels without having to move the dehumidifier.

3M HAF Filters   Why? 

PROTECTS your health and PROLONGS Life of your new dehumidifier. 

Benefits and features; 
  • Double the efficiency
  • Get maximum water removal performance
  • A 3M HAF filter keeps the coils cleaner 
  • Maximum airflow to handle more volume
  • A 3M HAF filter includes an antimicrobial agent that Prevents mould from growing on its surface 

**These accessories can be included in your dehumidifier order by choosing the appropriate product in a menu on the respective dehumidifier page.

Area Handling10 - 80 m2
Water Removal L/day @30degC 80%RH or @26degC 60%RH(30C/80%RH) 26C/60%rH | 20 Litres/Day
Auto FeaturesAuto-off when tank full-YES | Child Lock feature-YES | Auto Restart-YES
Dehumidifier Noise dB(A)42dB Low setting / 45 dBA @ 1 metre | Air Flow 160-200m3hr
Temp Range5 - 35 Celsius
Humidity Range40-70%RH 10% increments + continuous Mode
Power Supply & Use220V-240V/50hz 1.8A max|304W-320W Depending on settings
Dehumidifier Run Cost (av 10 Hrs/day)10hrs Avg. (Qld rates) $0.89
Refrigerant TypeR134a/190g
Tank Size4 Litre
Weight13.2 kg
Size LxWxH385x290x595
Warranty2Yr RTB (return to base) or 6months Commercial use

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