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NEW! AcuRite Pro -Accuracy Humidity Monitor + Calibration

NEW! AcuRite Pro -Accuracy Humidity Monitor + Calibration
NEW! AcuRite Pro -Accuracy Humidity Monitor + Calibration
NEW! AcuRite Pro -Accuracy Humidity Monitor + Calibration
NEW! AcuRite Pro -Accuracy Humidity Monitor + Calibration
NEW! AcuRite Pro -Accuracy Humidity Monitor + Calibration
NEW! AcuRite Pro -Accuracy Humidity Monitor + Calibration
NEW! AcuRite Pro -Accuracy Humidity Monitor + Calibration

Acurite Humidity Monitor + Calibration in one for Home, Business or Storage use. 

Our most acurite model yet! Very versatile. 

Measures Humidity & Temp. Can be calibrated. Also shows handy visual High/Low  with colour guide.



  • Measures indoor temperature and humidity from -4 to 158°F (-20 to 70°C) and 1-99% RH
  • Professional accuracy: +/- 0.5°F, +/- 2% RH with manual calibration option
  • Displays high and low records for past 24 hours and for all-time
  • Measures conditions every 10 seconds
  • Tabletop, wall-mountable, and magnet-mountable design

Professional Accuracy
The monitor's thermometer and humidity sensors offer professional-level accuracy. Data measurements are updated every 10 seconds and shown on the easy-to-read digital display.
Calibration Feature
The AcuRite Temperature and Humidity Monitor can be easily calibrated to improve the accuracy of data reading. The user manual includes step-by-step instructions on how to calibrate the sensor.
The temperature and humidity readings can be calibrated on the display to improve accuracy. Calibration can improve accuracy when product placement or environmental factors impact your data accuracy. 1. To access calibration mode, press AND HOLD the “ “, “ “and “ “ buttons simultaneously for at least 5 seconds. 2. To adjust the currently selected item, press and release the “ “ or “ “ buttons to calibrate the data value higher or lower from the actual reading. 3. To save your adjustments, press and release the “ “ button to adjust the next reading. The CALIBRATED indicator will remain under the calibrated values. After 12-15 seconds of inactivity, the display will save the adjustments and exit calibration mode. Note: Calibrations will be erased if the batteries are removed.

Humidity Alarm
The sensor includes high/low humidity alarms that can be programmed and customized based on your needs. The alarm features flashing and audible alerts when conditions exceed the desired ranges.
Humidity Level Indicator
The humidity level icon at the top of the display clearly conveys a low (blue), high (red) or ideal (green) humidity level for a healthy home environment, based on relative humidity (RH).
Monitor Indoor Room Conditions
The AcuRite Pro Accuracy Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor with Alarms provide dependable data that can help you maintain a comfortable living space to preserve your home's interior, possessions, and maintain a healthy environment indoors.With the alarm feature, you will be notified if humidity levels fall outside of your ideal range so you can be aware of your indoor conditions without needing to take the time to frequently check the humidity reading.
The temperature and humidity monitor is compact, easy to use, and offers a variety of mounting options to suit your preferences and needs: tabletop, wall-mountable, and magnetic back mount. It's a must-have for any room.

 Specifications Humidity Alarm
ModelAcurite Meter - Alarm + Calibration
Humidity Range               1~95%
AccuracyHumidity ±2%RH Temp ±0.5°
Temperature Range-20°C ~ 70°C    -4˚F ~ 158˚F
Humidity Alarm Yes + Custom Program also Level indicator  LOW/OK/HIGH
Temp Alarm No
Sampling rateApproximately  1 sample per 10 Seconds
Dew PointN/A
Operating TempN/A
Storage TemperatureN/A
Battery1.5V AAA Battery 2pcs (Included)
 Size and Weight  
Size100mm x 23mm x 100mm
Weight145 Grams



















Suitable for:  Checking humidity levels around the home or workplace, when Humidity alarm is preset for an upper or lower level, the smart unit alerts you when it reaches these levels.

IDEAL FOR: Home users, museums, galleries, cool rooms, seed storage, nurseries. Great for Domestic-Industrial-Agricultural use.etc

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