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An easy read and helpful chapter with tips on  "How to Dry Your Home"
The Full Version will take you further on a step by step journey to preventing mould infestations in your home, office and storage area. It also contains hints on tips for improving the air quality using Aromatherapy oils and lots more.
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One FREE eChapter "Solution4- “dry the area"”

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This eChapter is a ‘must read’ for any one who needs to prevent and avoid mould and mustiness in their homes. You will find information in this chapter for how to dry an area to prevent mould and condensation, learn what is a dehumidifier and its uses around the home...
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Damp Solutions Australia® provides a free Phone Consultation to help you with mould and condensation prevention needs. We provide the very latest comprehensive industry brands of dehumidifiers and mould prevention products for your home, boats/yachts, caravans, galleries and museums, storage, or commercial business etc. Our Commercial and Home Dehumidifier range is carefully selected to help you prevent and protect your goods from the damages of moisture and mould, providing a safe and productive work environment.

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