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Commercial Projects List

Please view here some of our past Commercial Dehumidifier projects we have supplied for and are currently in process with:
This gives a diverse list of some of our clients requiring services and equipment for dehumidification needs.
Damp Solutions Australia can supply - Commercial Industrial dehumidifiers Australia wide.

  -  Australian AeroSpace- condensation and moisture control needs

Airport Link Tunnel - Currently In Process, condensatation and corrosion control

 Australian Grain Technologies-SA- Portable dehumidifiers purchase

Heritage- Bankfoot House Glasshouse Mountains- Dehumidification for old building

CHC International Helicopters, condensation control

Building construction Christmas Islands, storage drying

circular head Council- TAS- Portable commercial dehumidifiers

CSIRO-Discovery Centre, humidity and climate control

CITIC Pacific - Currently in Process Humidity control

 Origin- Darling Downs gas fired Power Station- Currently In process Condensation and corrosion drying

Fleet Helicopters- Condensation control

Griffins Food Company -NZ- Cooling system using portable spot coolers

 Heatons Ferns Nursery- Nambour- Air Purification for fern seedlings

  NSW State Archives- Portable Commercial Dehumidifier sytem

 Switchglass-Spray surface condensation control

Xstrata Mines- Underground Sub station drying


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