Damp Solutions Commercial Dehumidifier Customers | Current and Past Project Lists

Please view here some of our past Commercial Dehumidifier projects we have supplied for and are currently in process with:
This gives a diverse list of some of our clients requiring services and equipment for dehumidification needs.
Damp Solutions Australia can supply - Commercial Industrial dehumidifiers Australia wide.


  -  Australian AeroSpace- condensation and moisture control needs

Airport Link Tunnel - Currently In Process, condensatation and corrosion control

 Australian Grain Technologies-SA- Portable dehumidifiers purchase

Heritage- Bankfoot House Glasshouse Mountains- Dehumidification for old building

CHC International Helicopters, condensation control

Building construction Christmas Islands, storage drying

circular head Council- TAS- Portable commercial dehumidifiers

CSIRO-Discovery Centre, humidity and climate control

CITIC Pacific - Currently in Process Humidity control

 Origin- Darling Downs gas fired Power Station- Currently In process Condensation and corrosion drying

Fleet Helicopters- Condensation control

Griffins Food Company -NZ- Cooling system using portable spot coolers

 Heatons Ferns Nursery- Nambour- Air Purification for fern seedlings

  NSW State Archives- Portable Commercial Dehumidifier sytem


 Switchglass-Spray surface condensation control

Xstrata Mines- Underground Sub station drying



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Damp Solutions Australia® provides a free Phone Consultation to help you with mould and condensation prevention needs. We provide the very latest comprehensive industry brands of dehumidifiers and mould prevention products for your home, boats/yachts, caravans, galleries and museums, storage, or commercial business etc. Our Commercial and Home Dehumidifier range is carefully selected to help you prevent and protect your goods from the damages of moisture and mould, providing a safe and productive work environment.

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