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Warm Air Duct -Airrex 40cm x 6M

Warm Air Duct -Airrex 40cm x 6M
Warm Air Duct -Airrex 40cm x 6M

Don't forget the warm air duct.

All portable air conditioners require an 'exhaust' hose to vent away the warm air from the room they are cooling. Therefore there is an optional  flexible 'warm air duct' that attaches to the top of the Spot Cooler unit (not shown here) and  can carry the warm moist exhaust air away to the outside or even just a different room. Often this exhaust is simply placed into the ceiling void in the room the unit is cooling, in large factories however, the Airrex spot coolers are mainly used without the exhaust at all. This would normally only be in large factories or warehouses where the hot air can simply rise up to ceiling height and dissipate.
Size 6M  40cm dia to suit top exhaust vent


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