Airrex CB4900 - 4.9kW Commercial Portable Spot Cooler.


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Airexx CB4900  4.9kW Portable Commercial Spot Cooler. 

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The HSC2500 is a versatile unit and is commonly used for the temporary cooling of computer server rooms where temperature control is critical to maintaining server up time.


  • Spot cooling function
  • Intelligent control system
  • Two speed fan
  • Digital temperature control
  • 24 hour timer
  • 2 Cooling Ducts extendable
  • Heat exhaust ducting 

No matter if the room you are cooling is large or small, the CB4900 has it covered. Technically the CB4900 can acclimatise a whole room up to around 50 square metres. Its main use, however, is for 'spot cooling' whereby the working temperature of specific equipment ( ie computers) in the room is more important than the room temperature itself. Simply wheel the unit close to the equipment and direct the cold air ducts towards the equipment, keeping it cool all day, regardless of how hot the room itself becomes throughout the day.

Don't forget the warm air duct.

All portable air conditioners require an 'exhaust' hose to vent away from the warm air from the room they are cooling. Therefore there is an optional flexible 'warm air duct' that attaches to the top of the unit (not shown here) and can carry the warm exhaust air away to the outside or even just a different room. Often this exhaust is simply placed into the ceiling void in the room the unit is cooling, however, the Airrex HSC 3500 is mainly used without the exhaust at all. This would normally only be in large factories or warehouses where the hot air can simply rise up to ceiling height and dissipate.

 Specifications CB4900 Commercial Portable Air Cooler


Full 12-month warranty

Cooling Capacity 4930 Watts    Refrigerant R407c
Air Flow 680 - 780 m3/hr
Noise Rating dB 68dB
Make Airrex/Coolbreeze
Cooling duct length Approx. 500mm
Heating Duct Heat exhaust ducting (Approx 3 metres) included
Power Supply 220V-240V
Power Consumption 2254 Watts  9.8A
 Size and Weight    
Size L x W x H cm 49 x 59 x 130
Weight 86 kg


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